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EDM music for stress relief

As a part of my AAPP (Algorithmic/Automatic Process Project) strategy, I wrote sixty minutes of EDM music for stress relief.

Une technique très simple pour écrire une polyphonie

Algorithmic composition, the easy way…

How to write a string quartet

For a very long time, I asked myself the question: how do you write a string quartet?

Is it a good idea?

Does it still have an interest?

The quartet is really one of the archetypal forms of Western serious music, ok, but I felt a certain uneasiness with this form.

Most quartets are so boring to listen to, even if their form is perfect.

And then, for a composer using virtual instruments, it supposes to fall on the right sound bank, and there, good luck…

There are very few solo string sounds that are really credible.

And then I went for it.

Using mainly the canon as a form.

And it works pretty well.

You can listen to it here:

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