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Suite n°1 for computer orchestra


Suite Royale

A new single, somewhere between Pierre Barbaud and Henry Purcell ! 🙂

Kraak 1

It is not because microtonal music is generally very boring that one should not try to enter this very strange universe, where one never knows what one will meet…

Listen to the full album: https://open.spotify.com/album/6YmwfAdDmmFx58vm7m89N8


Heimat 2


A secret and disconcerting journey between classical, electro and sound experimentations…

Intime Conviction


A soundtrack written in 1994 for a movie by Syvie Fleurot, a mix of ECM cold jazz and noisy rock, recorded in Paris with the participation of Pascal Nowak (guitarist)…

Dantzig Melody

Why am I a french virtual composer ?

My first computer, the Yamaha CX5M
My first computer, the Yamaha CX5M

This blog is just about the way I write music: with computer.

Since 1985 and my first music computer (a Yamaha CX5M), I spent most of my time with my computer, instead musicians or ensembles.

Why ?

Because I had no choice. And lot of composers have no choice today: a computer, or nothing.

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