Emulation ii for Uvi Falcon

UVI Emulation II is a collection of sounds from the vintage E-mu Emulator II sampler, which was used by artists during the 80’s such as Van Halen, Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson and many more. The library features over 500 instruments and drums organized into 16 banks (each of 32 patches), with patches including multiple samples combined to create layered and multi-sampled sounds. Included with Emulation II are some 80s favorites like basses and piano’s as well as a huge selection of analog and synth sounds that were commonly used in 80’s music.

This emulates an E-mu Emulator II sampler

The E-mu Emulator is a series of audio samplers, with the E-mu Emulator being released in 1987. The E-mu Emulator II was released two years later and included more memory, sampling time, and sampling rate than its predecessor. It could also sample at up to 100 kHz, which was unheard of for most samplers at the time.

Emulation refers to replicating software or hardware from another system or machine by recreating it in another machine that’s compatible with the original system or machine. For example: if you had an old video game console that no longer worked, but you still wanted to play those games on your new computer (assuming they were compatible), then emulation would allow you to do so by running them through an emulator program—the emulator would display all visual elements as if they were playing on your old console system; however instead of using cartridges or discs like your original console did, this would be stored digitally on your hard drive before execution so that all virtual environments are identical (or close) compared with what they’d be like playing directly off physical media such as cartridges/discs themselves would produce

I hope that you enjoy this library as much as I do. I think it’s a great way to get your feet wet with uvi Falcon, and provides some inspiration for future projects!