how to write stock music ?

Writing music for stock libraries has become a very popular way to make money. And one of the most important things in this field is to write music that sells. That means writing songs with a purpose and telling your story using the music. In this post, I’ll show you how to do just that!

1# Write with a purpose

Now that you have a basic understanding of what music is, it’s time to start writing. But before you get started, it’s important to note that writing a piece of stock music can be different from composing a song for an album or EP. When composing commercial music, the primary goal should be to create something that is useful and usable by others—not just yourself.

You don’t have to write only one kind of tune; just think about what kind(s) you feel most comfortable with!

If your goal is simply making money (and who doesn’t want more money?), keep in mind that there are other ways of doing this besides becoming a professional composer or songwriter (but if those are options for you then great!). Your earnings will vary depending on how popular your track becomes and whether someone chooses to license it for their project or not; however there’s no denying that some tracks have made thousands upon thousands over time due simply because they were released into public domain without anyone claiming ownership over them first..

2# Tell your story using the music

The second way to use music in your videos is to tell a story. Music can be used as a storytelling tool, where the emotion or mood of the song will help you get into the character’s head and understand what they’re feeling in that moment. For example, if you have a scene where someone is sad because their dog died, you could use sad music so that viewers feel sad for them too.

Another thing you can do with stock music is create an atmosphere or tone for your video by using certain instruments, melodies and harmonies. This is especially useful when you want to make sure all of your videos have similar styles so viewers know what kind of content you specialize in producing (for example: funny comedy shorts).

3# Focus on the emotion

The most important part of music is emotion. Whether you’re creating something that will be used in a movie, television show or a video game, it’s crucial that your music connects with the listener on an emotional level. If people can’t relate to what they hear, then there’s no point in playing it. Music is supposed to evoke feelings and bring people together by connecting them through common experiences made possible by the sounds they create together.

4# Think of the different genres as characters in a movie.

  • In order to write music for a particular genre, it’s important to understand that each genre is like a character in a movie. If you’re writing for the action film genre, you have the characters of thriller, suspense and action. You could also go with categories like “heist” or “thriller”.
  • One way to think about it is this: take your favorite movie or TV show that exists within your target market (the main industry that you are trying to sell your music too). Now imagine yourself as an audience member watching that show/movie and thinking about what kind of emotions you experience while watching it. Those are the emotions we want our listeners experiencing when they listen to our music!

write stock music with a purpose, to tell a story, focus on emotion and use the different genres as characters in a movie

The music you write is a character in your movie. You have different genres, each with its own personality and characteristics. It’s up to you to present them the right way.

Think of it as writing stock music with a purpose, not just putting together random tracks that sound good together or use similar instrumentation. In order for your audience to care about your characters, they need to be relatable somehow; there needs to be an emotional connection between them (or at least between the viewer) and what’s happening on screen. If a viewer doesn’t care about what happens next because he/she doesn’t know his/her characters well enough, then why should he/she watch more?

So whether it’s through dialogue or visuals (or both), make sure that what happens onscreen helps tell a story using that particular genre as one of its main characters!

So, as you can see, there are many ways to create stock music. Writing it with a purpose is the most important thing, but after that the key is to focus on emotion and tell your story using the music. You can also think of different genres as characters in a movie. Remember that these tips don’t have to be followed exactly; they’re just suggestions on how some successful composers approach their work!