Music piano online

Music piano online by Alain Jamot

I’ve always loved writing for the piano, even though I’m not a very good pianist, and write music piano available online!

I took lessons when I was young, I played keyboards in bands, but I never felt very comfortable with the piano.

Until the day I discovered (a long time ago), that I could compose on my computer!

It was a real change!

Finally I could forget all my difficulties, I could imagine pieces in any key, and imagine music played at a supersonic speed…

Today, I call these pieces “music for computer piano”.

The only difficulty, perhaps, is to find and choose a piano sound bank that is credible, and not too expensive.

For a long time, I searched until I gave up this endless quest.

This is not an acoustic piano, OK!

It’s a recreation on a computer, OK!

Why hide the truth, and lock yourself into old representations?

Frank Zappa, with Pierre Barbaud and many other composers, was one of the pioneers of this approach: to take things for what they are, and not to play a character that we are not.

Computer music has its own beauties, different from those of acoustic music.

And even for such an emblematic instrument of learned music, this is true.

Why always want to imitate old models, to stagnate in a conservatism that locks the music in a sad and dusty universe?

Rachmaninoff died a long time ago, and few people still flock to piano concerts, especially among the young.

You have to live with the times, even when it comes to the piano.

What do you think about it?

Feel free to leave a comment below the article, but please don’t be aggressive or too negative: life is too short!

Music piano online: Initiation, for computer piano, by Alain Jamot.

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