Bass lines for beginners

How to create bass lines for beginners ?

When you start composing music, you often run into a problem: how to generate a bass line that is both effective and easy to set up?

How to generate bass lines for beginners ?

You can buy an electric bass, and spend the next three years learning and practicing.

And then you have another solution, which is to find a bass line generator.

Strangely enough, there are very few of them on the market.

You can say, OK, I’ll use an arpeggiator.

That works if you’re writing techno or EDM, but for rock or funk, it’s a very bad solution.

So how do you do it?

I’ll tell you my little secret.

I use Prime bass, from Native Instruments.

Thanks to this wonderful plugin, I was able to write a funk album in one week for a stock music editor, who couldn’t believe how much I could groove!

It’s very easy to use, the patterns are numerous, inventive, and the sound! Oh my God, the sound!

Fat, heavy, thick… a real treat.

With this plugin, you have the choice: funk, rock, metal… you decide if you want to become Bootsy Collins or Robert Trujillo (Metallica).

A good advice: if you’re not a great sound engineer who’s comfortable with both audio mixing and mastering, don’t have fun changing the sound, keep it as it is, forget about wild equalizations that will only ruin the overall sound of your track.

Little tip: on each Prime Bass preset, you have several versions of the same pattern. Record the changes between presets in midi, playing on your keyboard, this will give a lot of life to your bass line.

List of styles of the plugin:













Finger 4/4



(Alain Jamot is a French composer living in Berlin. You can listen to his music here).

Some good videos on Prime Bass: